eBay Notes Massive Growth in M-Commerce


mobiledeals_small.jpgADOTAS – I made my first purchase via a mobile device on Monday when I bought a bus ticket to NYC on my iPhone. I was driving from Baltimore/Washington International Airport to my father’s house outside Washington, DC, as my flight to LaGuardia had been canceled due to this year’s Snowpocalypse. Fortunately I was able to snatch up one of the last available seats on the next morning’s Bolt Bus; unfortunately, the trip from DC to NYC took a good seven hours.

I probably wasn’t the only one who made my first purchase through a mobile device this season (I’m sure many fellow air travelers to snow-logged NYC took advantage of their smartphones to make alternate arrangements). In fact, eBay’s recently released numbers on m-commerce sales are simply astounding — 134% year-over-year growth from Nov. 25 to Dec. 25 for the U.S. alone, resulting in $100 million in gross merchandise value (GMV). Globally, the increase was even more impressive: 166% year over year to $230 million in GMV.

eBay apps for various devices have been downloaded 30 million times, with its iPhone app alone accounting for 13 million. The most popular sales categories in the U.S. were quite interesting — Cars & Trucks topped the list, followed by Clothing & Accessories, Auto Parts, Sporting Goods and Cell Phones & Accessories.

Buying a bus ticket on my mobile seemed pretty straightforward, but a car? Wow… Also, there’s something really meta about buying a mobile device while using a mobile device.


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