E-Commerce Sites Use Facebook Credits as Incentives


virtualgoods_smallADOTAS – Dumfounded seems too strong a word, but I was at least in disbelief when I heard that Target retail stores were going to be selling Facebook Credits gift cards. Is there a more thoughtful holiday gesture than enabling a loved one to buy the virtual goods he or she really wants? Make sure your nieces and nephews send you screen shots of their new FarmVille crops!

It’s logical the next step for Facebook Credits, which can be used in most applications on the social network, would be using them as retail incentives. Through recently launched virtual incentivizer Ifeelgoods, Shoebuy.com was the first e-commerce site to offer Facebook credits as an incentive — 50 free virtual coins with every purchase. According to Chief Marketing Officer James Keller, initial results have been promising — ads mentioning the Credits incentive have had double CTR.

Now The Golf Warehouse is employing Ifeelgoods to offer Facebook Credits when consumers buy gift cards — the promotion will go through the holiday season into 2011.  It’s a brave new virtual world, and I can only shake my head.


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