Bing Looking Into Virtual Tours for Local Shops


bing_small.jpgADOTAS – Google has made its local market intentions (i.e., domination) well known in the search space, but Microsoft’s upstart Bing may have just really one-upped big G by adding “Interior Views” of businesses. Sure, Street View can show you the outside of a local merchant, but Bing will soon be able to take you inside.

A partnership with EveryScape will soon enable Bing users to take virtual tours of the insides of various retailers and buildings. The “Step Inside” icon will be featured next to applicable local results. For example, here’s the interior of a San Francisco mall — it’s actually quite fun to play with.

EveryScape, which raised $6 million in February in a Series C round of funding led by SK Telecom Americas, actually seems easier to navigate than Google Street View. Merchants are charged to have the insides of their establishments photographed and made interactive. As TechCrunch notes, a Bing Maps partnership would be a helluva enticement.

Will there be privacy concerns? Undoubtedly…


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