Are You a Search Geek? Prove It

Inplace #2

searchADOTAS – Have you noticed that search pros are really into search? I mean, have you read any of the SEO columns by WebMetro’s John McCarthy? I guess there are unhealthier obsessions in the world (Justin Bieber comes to mind), but some search freaks make live-action RPG people look well-adjusted. (I kid — live-action RPG rules your face!)

But search geeks, Marin Software understands your infatuation and urges you to be display your search enthusiasm via the SMX Biggest Search Geek contest, which opens today. Emerge from your hovel or cubicle to answer 30 difficult questions about search marketing and you could win an iPad and free trip for two to SMX West in San Jose, Calif., from March 8 to 10.

That inculdes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations and two all-access conference passes — go backstage and meet the original Google search algorithm! Party with the hottest keywords!

The second- and third-place winners will also get iPads, while the top 10 finishers get a one-year premium membership to Search Engine Land and the top 50 get a search geek t-shirt. I would wear that all the time with pride — especially when I carry around my paper-mache mace.