Yelp Checks In to Check-In Game


locationADOTAS – Everyone else is getting check-in fever, so why shouldn’t Yelp? The social review site is allowing users to “shower their love” on local businesses via checking in on mobile devices.

In turn, local businesses can present check-in offers, which join business page offers on Yelp’s business center dashboard. In addition to rewarding loyal customers while attracting new ones, businesses will get a clearer view of who is shopping at their stores.

Consumers are also given the option between using an offer on the spot or saving it to redeem later.

In the video below, Luther Lowe, manager of local business outreach, shows how to build an offer on the business center dashboard:


  1. Awesome! The one thing yelp checkins have over facebook’s (I don’t use foursquare) is that anybody can create a location on facebook, which leads to sometimes cases of multiple spellings of the same location. Personally I like yelp’s much better as well as it posts on my wall with a photo, vs being just a small one line entry for facebook. I predict they’ll be working on taking a slice of the share yelp and foursquare’s niche tho. Look out!


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