Right Media Boosts Transparency With Audience Sharing


yahoo_smallADOTAS – With the dual goals of making audience-buying more efficient and increasing the relevance of ads for users, Yahoo Right Media unveiled its Audience Sharing feature at the Right Media Forum yesterday, with a particular focus on segment transparency to benefit both buyers and sellers.

Ad exchange audience sellers, who will be able to access the Audience Sharing feature through the Audience tab on the Right Media platform, will have more control over their segments and benefit from increased transparency, which will in turn allow buyers to see the potential size of a segment before purchasing.

In addition, buyers will be able to target audiences from multiple sellers, with Right Media accounting for overlap and attributing data to where it appeared most recently. Segment owners will have Audience Sharing tools integrated into their experience.

Yahoo also announced that the Right Media Exchange will be able to support the IAB and NAI’s “CLEAR Ad Notice” for consumers opting out of behavioral targeting. If a consumer opts out of having data collected by an exchange member, his or her information will not be included in Audience Sharing.


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