TRAFFIQ Builds Itself a Trading Desk


traffiqADOTAS – Two is usually better than one, so why not install two ways of media buying in a single display platform? TRAFFIQ just opened up its Trading Desk for duty, offering clients a single platform for both guaranteed display and real-time audience buying. Platform users will be able to buy into the leading ad exchanges and hundreds of million global browsers.

TRAFFIQ CEO Nick Pahade talked to me about the importance of RTB and its inclusion in TRAFFIQ’s services, as well as some of other interesting features in the Trading Desk.

ADOTAS: So has real-time-bidding become a requirement for media-buying platforms?

PAHADE: Media buyers increasingly need to buy both reserved campaigns and manage RTB buying. We feel there will always be the need for both guaranteed, upfront buying and RTB buying, whether you are driving performance or brand messaging. Because we can enable increased efficiency in guaranteed buying alongside RTB means that agencies won’t have to view the two options as separate, binary choices.

Has audience-buying succeeded guaranteed buys in importance for display marketers?

Our experience has been agencies don’t want restrictions on the way they buy. Advertiser goals can be met in many ways, and at a variety of price points. Sometimes that means performing audience buys, other times it could be using content associations from a guaranteed buy as a proxy for audience. Our customers can buy audience segments that are being targeted with verifiable data, or they can buy guarantees if that meets their goals. While audience–driven buying is extremely valuable and the trend is clearly heading in that direction, there is a reason that guaranteed buying will continue to dominate. Brand safety is extremely important.

What are the advantages of a combined guaranteed display-buying and audience-buying platform? How can an advertiser or marketer best use both of these services in one place?

Our agency customers vary their tactics on a campaign-by-campaign basis in order to fulfill the advertiser’s goals. Having the flexibility to include RTB alongside guaranteed buys gives them the flexibility they need. Agencies are still client-driven, and when the conversation in the space is about real-time audience buying, they need a good partner to help facilitate.

Sometimes just a small test buy is enough to validate the approach for a certain campaign. If we can provide that for an agency—even if it means they ultimately choose not to buy RTB—then we have done our job of providing agencies choice and flexibility via a simple platform.

Besides offering RTB, in what other ways does the Trading Desk improve on TRAFFIQ’s offerings?

It solves many of the problems of supply. Having a unified pathway to the majority of exchange and network inventory that is accessible via RTB means we can help our clients get scale affordably. Insight into dynamic pricing and inventory availability is extremely valuable. This technology accelerates how we interact with the many available data offerings. The Trading Desk expedites our ability to service our customers.

How does the trading desk “level the field” for independent agencies?

Many agencies are competing for online budgets against digital specialty shops and holding company shops that have the expertise and scale to manage multiple technology and vendor relationships. TRAFFIQ enables all agencies to level the playing field by leveraging its technology, while continuing to sell their own expertise.

We remove the stumbling blocks of big monthly minimums and elaborate research and data subscriptions, so that our customers don’t have to lose out on business. We can help any agency compete for digital dollars while offering more tools and resources.

Would you expand on upcoming RTB tools TRAFFIQ plans to introduce?

For now, we’ll offer the Trading Desk as a managed service. We are working on extending that service to an agency-facing set of tools that will enable our customers to manage campaigns based on advertiser goals across guaranteed buys and RTB buys with a wide range of optimization controls. We are working with the leading technology companies in the space such as AppNexus, and also with the world’s leading exchanges and data providers to ensure our offering is best-in-class.


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