TidalTV Finds Targeting as Important as Length for Video Ads


video_smallADOTAS – Conventional wisdom — which rarely manages to prove accurate — holds that since online video viewers hate commercials, the shorter the video ad, the better. For a long while, video advertisers have been warned to embrace the 15-second video and forsake the 30-second one or face irrelevance in the space.

Not so fast says, TidalTV — through analysis of 28 video campaigns that racked up 62 million impressons, the video ad technology firm found that a large part of the equation isn’t being considered: targeting.

Adding targeting to a 30-second ad increased its view-completion rate by 19%, compared to a 16% hop for targeted 15-second ads. A targeted 30-second ad had a 170% lift in CTR compared to an untargeted 30-second spot. Fifteen-second targeted ads outperformed 15-second untargeted ads by 133% in CTR.


In a faceoff, 30-second targeted ads had a 201% advantage in CTR and a 7% advantage in video completion rate versus untargeted 15-second ads. On the other hand, 15-second targeted ads had a 29% lift against untargeted 30-second ads and 110% hike in CTR.

On a level playing field, 30-second targeted spots outperformed their targeted 15-second cousins by 29% in CTR, but the 15-second ads had an 8% advantage in completion rate. Interestingly, while 15-second untargeted ads had a 10% lift in completion rate, untargeted 30-second spots had an 11% advantge in CTR.



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