Seasonal Deals Skyrocket Retail Likes


like_smallADOTAS – As Media Logic recently learned through a survey of 100 major retailers, Facebook has become the social hub of choice for the sector, with Likes a highly important metric. Updating the survey to incorporate Black Friday and other seasonal marketing efforts, Media Logic discovered that the retailers with the most Facebook likers grew their fan bases by an average of 10% over the 10-day period before Black Friday.

However, the 10 retailers with the fastest-growing fan bases increased their likers by an average of 20% by using more aggressive marketing through the social network. In particular, Black Friday offers assisted Macy’s in adding 172,261 likers (a 25.6% increase) and Target in adding 426,401 (17%). A general seasonal offer boosted Toys R Us’ fans by 30.6% with 244,612 new likers.

Toys R Us broke the million fan mark, while Target is nearing 3 million — Macy’s is quickly catching up with about 850,000 likers. Of course, those numbers pale in comparison to Victoria’s Secret, which broke above 10 million likers through the addition of more than half a million likers in the 10-day period.

In addition, Media Logic notes that Lowe’s more than doubled its fan base between September and November to about 350,000 likers. Awfully helpful was an early Black Friday promotion, although it raised some controversy in the media.

Seven of Media Logic’s 10 retailers with the least amount of likers — including Jones New York and Bob’s Stores — actually ran no Facebook promotions at all. The group on the whole averaged 1.8% growth in their fanbases.


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