Retailers Smitten by Facebook


survey_smallADOTAS – You’re such a heartbreaker Facebook — all the major retailers are smitten with you… At least  according to Media Logic’s recent analysis of the social media marketing efforts of 100 national retailers.

In the last year, has become these brands’ social media hub (and heartthrob). Proof? Last year, only one of the 100 brands studied — Victoria’s Secret — had more than a million likers (no, we can’t call them fans anymore). Flash forward to 2010 and 14 are above that number — some of them well above that level, as Kohl’s boasts more than 3 million likers.

Those brands in particular averaged 40% growth in likers between mid-July and mid-September, while the top 10 retailers in “Specialty Apparel” averaged 50% growth.

Media Logic also studied the evolution of promotions via social media as well as different methods employed by various brands. The full report can be downloaded here.


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