Resonate Emerges Victorious This Election Season


medals_smallADOTAS – My roommate tried to get me to join him in an election night drinking game — he was taking shots of Jack Daniels whenever Democrats won tight races. However, because he found the results so depressing, he took several extra doses — and still didn’t make much of a dent in a fresh 750 mL bottle.

I didn’t commiserate because a) I’m with George Washington when it comes to political parties and b) I had band practice. Frankly, I’m just glad the midterm election is over — we don’t even have cable and we were deluged with TV ads for the New York governor race, Connecticut senate race, New Jersey something or other (do they even have rule of law in New Jersey?)… A whole bunch of talking heads attacking other talking heads, all while I’m trying to enjoy the Washington Redskins game — which is a frustrating enough endeavor alone.

The real winners this election were not the Tea Party or the Republicans, but the advertising companies that raked in ridiculous amounts of dough during the campaign season (a certain Supreme Court ruling regarding campaign finance was quite a boon for business, as well). In the online realm, Resonate Networks and its attitudinal targeting proved victorious as 81% of political clients running campaigns triumphed over their opponents.

Forty-three winning candidates used Resonate’s targeting capabilities, which reach past demographics to analyze the why behind human behaviors, and another seven candidates are in races too close to call — that could boost Resonate’s already sky-high batting average for its first election cycle.

To build audience profiles that go beyond political associations, Resonate employs a large database that combines company-gathered survey data with third-party data sets. The firm discovered which potential voters put their weight behind multiple parties as well as the issues most important to each.

Though Resonate’s targeting technology was initially designed for the political realm, the company has been increasing its presence in the consumer market. When in late June Resonate closed a $5 million Series A round of financing led by Greycroft Partners and iNovia Capital, CEO Bryan Gernert told me he expected 50% of his company’s business to be brand-based this year.


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