Oodle Expands Social Marketplace Through Grouply Acquisition


skipping_smallADOTAS – In the modern digital world, even the classifieds are social. Social commerce innovator Oodle, backbone of the Facebook Marketplace, has acquired Grouply to expand its social marketplaces to the growing world of social groups.

According to Oodle CEO Craig Donato, in a social marketplace who you are buying from (or selling/donating to) is just as important what you’re buying, thus social groups are prime areas for integrating marketplaces. Grouply injects the interactivity and sharing found in social networks into online groups. More than 500,000 groups using the platform will function as before as most of Grouply’s employees are transfered to Ooodle.

In turn, the company believes Grouply’s technology will improve its online and mobile marketplaces as well as the Facebook Marketplace. Financial terms of the deal were undisclosed.


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