Mobile Apps Could Be Bad for Branding


app.jpgADOTAS – As soon as the first App Store commercial appeared (am I allowed to use the phrase “There’s an app for that” without paying Steve Jobs a nickel?), brand managers across the country could be heard screaming, “We need one of those!” So marketers scrambled to get something into the App Store as soon as possible — many times letting quality take a backseat.

Well, user backlash may finally be catching up — an admittedly small Harris Interactive and EffectiveUI online survey of 781 appin’ adults found that 38% disliked branded apps and 70% said a lousy app experience shifts to a negative view of a brand.

And worse, 32% of those respondents talked about their crap app experience with friends and 13% said they wouldn’t download another app from that brand. On the positive side, 57% said they had recommended an app they liked. There’s some comfort there I guess.

Most interesting, 73% of the respondents said they judged an app based on whether it was easier to use than the company’s website. This seems to be another sign the age of the app is coming to a close; Cute little branded apps have worn out their novelty value and mobile users are ready to get back to browsing.


  1. How is it that companies still rush to jump on these different technological bandwagons without a second thought as to how a poor product will reflect severely on their brand? This is not rocket science. If anything, it is a pretty fixed equation.

    70% is not a number worth laughing at.

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