Meebo Looking More Like a Social Network


meeboADOTAS – Offline check-ins have been surprisingly popular, so why not apply the same theory to online wayfaring? In addition to new user profile pages and a browser extension, tomorrow social dashboard Meebo will introduce the ability for users to check in to their favorite websites.

All these appendages make Meebo look less like a bridge between social platforms… And more like a social network.

Just like a Facebook Like button, any type of site — be it blog, brand site, commerce site or gaming site — can add a Meebo check-in button. Several partners have signed up for the launch, including Macy’s and Sprint.

When a Meebo user slides over the button, he of she can see which other users have recently checked in as well as the total number of check-ins at the site. Instead of Foursquare badeges, Meebo offers VIP status to users who check in frequently to certain sites, and updates will include a reward program.

Check-ins will be public by default, but Meebo can change who sees check-ins in their account setting.

In addition, the Meebo MiniBar will not be stocked with tiny bottles of gin and whiskey but will serve as a browser extension allowing Meebo users to keep in contact with their social networks at any time while browsing. On launch, the extension will be available for Firefox and Chrome and later this year for Internet Explorer and Safari.

In addition to a list of friends, followers and followees (those being followed, of course), the new profile pages will feature a feed highlighting check-in activity, shared content and more.

So I doubt I’m the only one wondering, but what on earth are they going to do with all that audience data?


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