LinkedIn Has Button, Will Share


linkedinADOTAS – LinkedIn was always supposed to be the professional alternative/addendum to Facebook, especially since most people prefer keeping their Facebook profiles personal. But LinkedIn really hasn’t lived up to that promise until this year, when it further incorporated sharing and added company pages.

The latest step in the business social network’s evolution is easily installed share buttons for all publishers. Website administrators can pick from three orientations, two of which include counters. Big biz pubs like Forbes and Bloomberg have unveiled their share buttons today, while HuffingtonPost incorporated one back in August.

Sure there are a lot of places social media sites with sharing buttons, but LinkedIn is specifically for business. As a handy-dandy B2B social marketing tool, wisely selected thought pieces shared on a business profile can say a lot about your professional attitude. Such shared pieces will have a longer lifespan than a quick dip in the Twitter stream, and do you really want to share whitepapers and corporate slides on your Facebook account?

If you’re my Facebook bud, I don’t want you to… You’ll distract me from those thrilling FarmVille updates.


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