Got Funds: Crazy Like a ClickFox


money_tree_small.jpgADOTAS – Not only is the importance of analytics growing daily, the scope of analytics services seems unstoppable in its expansion. Thus tools that can give a holistic portrait of analytics across the the online and offline universes would seem invaluable — or at least investing in.

ClickFox, which builds customer experience analtyics software that provides amalgamated visual mapping of customer interactions both online and off — from retail shops and interactive kiosks to websites, emails and mobile devices — has just departed a Series C round of funding with $18 million. The round was led by Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners, whose Managing Director Jamey Sperans commented, “ClickFox’s innovative solutions break down internal silos to enable companies to operate in a truly customer-centric way.”

Through processing more than 1 billion customer interactions monthly, ClickFox claims to have customer behavior data on 240 million consumers. The company has already achieved profitability through pursuing big companies in the telecom, banking and energy/utilities industries — clients include two of the Big Four banks as well as almost all major North American wireless carriers.

With the funding, ClickFox plans to expand its services to another fast-growing analytics sector: social media.


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