Got Funds? $4 Million on the Line for RingRevenue


money_tree_small.jpgADOTAS – You just can’t stop the pay-per-call revolution — call performance marketer RingRevenue brought its funding total to $7.5 million by closing a $4 million round led by GRP Partners and Rincon Venture Partners

The comany, which also reported that third-quarter call-volume was up 500% compared to the first quarter, plans to use the investor to bolster its current technology as well as rapidly build its customer development and support teams and launch outside the U.S.

“Advertising is changing, and performance marketing is where it’s headed. Advertisers want to buy customers, not ads.” said Jason Spievak, CEO of RingRevenue. He added that calls convert at rates between 30% and 50%, while average order value tended to be twice as high versus online sales.


  1. Glad to see that people are finally beginning to see the many benefits of Call Performance Marketing:


    * Prospective customers call you!
    * They pay only for results
    * There’s no signup fee
    * You don’t need a web site
    * There is no click fraud
    * Calls are free
    * Credit card payments are safe
    * No complicated, expensive online marketing
    * No hidden or extra charges
    * Barriers to entry are low – all you need is a phone
    * Capture caller info even if they hang up
    * Buyers can get details about shipping, specials, colors, sizes etc.
    * You can pause your ad listings anytime
    * Day-parting, call forwarding, call recording, call scheduling &
    geo-targeting are available
    * Call tracking, reporting and management is included

    Earl Brown
    Direct Response, PPCall Marketing


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