Google Bestows Pubs With Enhanced AdSense Interface


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Google, you can rebuild it. You have the technology. You can build the world’s first bionic publisher tool. AdSense will be that publisher tool — better, stronger, faster…

(Insert badass 70s sci-fi sound effect.)

Well, I don’t know if you can really call AdSense “bionic,” but the new interface does surgically inject space-age technology to be a better, stronger and faster tool for publishers to manage on-site advertising. (But did it cost $6 million?)

The new interface is being rolled out today in more than 30 languages across the 200-plus countries where AdSense is available. Simplified graphic reporting with increased segmentation options allow for improved analysis while intuitive controls enhance a publisher’s ability to control the ads and advertisers appearing on a site.

How does Google know? The AdSense team has a lab full of publisher guinea pigs it studies to improve usability.

In addition, Jonathan Bellack, director of product management for AdSense, says in a blog that the interface is “blazing fast” and that initial testers have been blown away by its reporting speed. The interface also promises improved efficiency, making it easier to run reports, lock in account changes and seek help. There’s also more transparency involving earnings and payments.

(Insert badass 70s sci-fi sound effect again — it’s so good every time.)


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