Facebook Opens Analytics for Pages Big and Small


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – Who says Facebook doesn’t look out for the little guys? While it previously only offered analytics to pages with more than 10,000 likes, now all Facebook page owners can get data on per-post impressions and feedback stretching back to June 25, 2010 (which is halfway to Christmas — interesting…).

Page administrators, application owners and domain administrators can view per-post view counts — uniques are not yet available — and feedback (including percentage of) in the Interactions section of the Insights Page as well as on the wall beneath each post. Within the Insights page, Facebook also keeps stats on the total daily views and feedback count plus percentage change from the day before. In addition, unique users that see posts will be added into the Page’s Active Users, while previously that count only included Likers or commenters.

While it’s a swell feature for all page admins, ClickZ is correct in noting that the social network has really thrown small and medium-sized business a bone. Not a bad move since local (and majority SMB) businesses are Facebook’s biggest advertisers, something that could increase with the self-service Deals product through the location-based Places feature.


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