Executive Evacuations Continue at Google


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Google’s executive turnover woes haven’t received as much media play as Yahoo’s, but the search giant and mobile up-and-comer has been offering some ludicrous incentive packages to keep key staff on board — and, in particular, not hopping over to its new arch-rival.

Those efforts aside, Facebook claimed another head on Friday with Lars Ramussen, the cofounder of Google Maps who had spent six years with Big G. He told The Sydney Morning Herald that a personal pitch from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg convinced him the social network is a “once-in-a-decade type of company.” Ramussen will be moving from Sydney to Silicon Vally, but Facebook declined to say what his new position would be or in what capacity he’d be working.

Another reason he may be taking off is that his pet project Google Wave went out with a whimper earlier this year. His three co-Wavers, including brother Jens Rasmussen, are sticking at Google, and Rasmussen doubted he would be working on something similar at Facebook.

Rasmussen wasn’t the only Google evacuee this past weekend. Right after the mobile ad network introduced interactive video and interstitial ads to the Android operating system, AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui announced he is leaving for personal reasons. TechCrunch notes that two other high-level AdMob execs — Ali Diab, formerly VP of product management and business operations, and Niren Hiro, formerly VP of business development — have jumped ship since Google’s acquisition was completed in May.

Finally, YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley stepped down as CEO of the social video site, but this seemed to be a planned transition as he handed the wheel to Salar Kamangar, who has been running day-to-day operations since Google dispatched him to the unit in 2008. Hurly will remain a part-time adviser, though is apparently more interested in his clothing company HIaska. Though the company’s name is a blend of Hawaii and Alaska, I was upset I couldn’t find any Hawaiian-print parkas on their site…


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