Energizing Email Marketing With Web Analytics


energize_smallADOTAS – Web analytics, when gathered and used properly, can be a pot of gold for email marketers. Analytics provide a better understanding of the intentions of a company’s website visitors that allow marketers to create targeted campaigns and content that directly takes those intentions into account.

While marketers recognize the critical importance of staying on top of website metrics and analytics, many aren’t quite sure where to begin when putting those analytics to use in email marketing. Below, we outline the importance of integrating the findings uncovered by analytics into email campaigns and offer tips on how to get started down the path to success.

Why You Should Use Analytics

Marketing analytics, behavioral analytics in particular, pull back the curtain on the ways customers behave online. Here are just a few examples of the data these analytics capture, and how it can be used to create more effective campaigns.

Most visited pages: Knowing the areas of your site or email that are most interesting to your customers can help you determine more relevant email content and offers.

Length of time spent on pages: Does web content hold the interest of website visitors and meet their needs? Assume that the more time a visitor spends on a page, the more the content resonated with them.

Abandonment rates from shopping carts: Do visitors fill their carts, yet do not make a purchase? This could indicate a need to change the offer messaging in emails or perhaps add a specific end date to create urgency.

Something else to keep in mind is that this point-in-time data provides valuable insights into overall campaign performance. Watch and compare trends over time to evaluate which campaigns work, versus those that don’t to create more successful marketing efforts going forward.

How to Get Started

Begin enabling better ROI tracking. Use your web analytics to track a visitor’s point-of-entry to your website and follow the visitor throughout their visit and purchase. This will create a direct link between your email campaigns and costs, revenue, and conversions which will allow you to more accurately determine the ROI of each email marketing campaign.

Better email creative = better results. Many marketers don’t realize that analytics can play a big role in the creative design of your email campaigns. For example, web analytics can help you determine which link placement location yields the highest ROI.

What you learn may surprise you, like a link in your email footer may turn out to generate a large amount of traffic, even though it was not your main call-to-action. Web analytics data allows you to test all kinds of designs and layouts, allowing you to determine which will perform best when it comes time for the final send.

Target prospects more effectively. Use analytics data to energize the type of content and offers you send to your customers. If you’ve learned that a customer has left an item in their shopping cart without completing the transaction, send a triggered email offering a discount on the item in order to drive the purchase. With diligence, these targeted offers provide significant results and ROI.

Integrate data with other sources of information. Combine analytics to create even more specialized offers. For example, offer a one-time significant email discount to frequent web site shoppers who have also referred several friends to your site.

Targeting these loyal and dedicated customers will ensure you continue to drive sales. It also allows you to more accurately understand your customer base and create more tailored campaigns to foster their goodwill and continued patronage.

As illustrated above, analytics are a critical element of marketing campaigns that marketers simply can not afford to ignore. As analytics tools become increasingly embedded in email marketing technology and even easier to use, there are no longer any excuses not to begin putting this valuable data into action today.



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