COPEAC Is OfferVault’s Performance Marketing Champion


medals_smallADOTAS – It was a tight race, but in the end only the strong persevered, and it’s those performance marketers that Inside the OfferVault — offer search engine OfferVault‘s official publication that is edited by Adotas founder and former publisher Pace Lattin — crowned best of the best. On top of the heap seems to be COPEAC, which took first place in three of the four categories, including best overall network.

According to the 2010 Survey of Performance Marketers, which included 50 networks and companies in the balloting, COPEAC barely edged out Neverblue for the title of best overall network with 22.1% of the votes vs. 20.1%. Coming in for the bronze was Commission Junction with 14% of the votes.

COPEAC also was recognized number one for its selection of offers (24.8% of votes) and customer service (26.1%), coming in just a nose in front of Neverblue in both categories (21.2% in customer service and 21.9% in offer selection). Neverblue did outmaneuver COPEAC in the ethics category, with 22.3% of the vote vs. 21.9%.

Commission Junction also grabbed third place in the offer selection category (15.7%), while ClickBooth received the bronze in customer service (10.8%) and ethics (11.9%).



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