Bodyguard Facebook May Give Microsoft Another Lift


microsoft_small.jpgADOTAS – Since Facebook partnered with Microsoft to add a social component to Bing searches, I can’t stop thinking about this old film “My Bodyguard,” which features Matt Dillon and the highly underrated Adam Baldwin (not one of those Baldwins, but you can watch him on “Chuck.”) The new, puny kid in town is getting his ass kicked by bully Dillon (before he joined Citizen Dick), so he pays the most feared kid in school (Baldwin) to be his bodyguard — they actually become good friends and share dark secrets before the wimp (SPOILER ALERT!) learns to fight his own battles.

Does that mean one day Microsoft might get the nerve to actually fight Google instead of hiding behind Facebook’s coattails? They say life imitates art.

But first, it appears Facebook is giving lil’ buddy Microsoft another big hand. The betting money says Facebook will be a launching a full-featured webmail solution to rival Gmail at a Monday event, and it will include an integration with Office Web Apps, the web versions of Microsoft’s legendary Office Suite. In other words, FBmail users will be able to open and edit various Microsoft docs even if they don’t have Office on their computers.

That’s definitely an advantage over Gmail, which makes due with Google Docs. Say what you will about Microsoft’s software, but the company still rules the document space.


  1. I remain unconvinced that any of these companies are true competitors. What better way to control than to own all major players so you can play them off each other and control stock prices to your profit?


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