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video_smallADOTAS – It’s no cliche to say that women hold the family pursestrings. Study after study shows the fairer sex does the majority of household spending — hence why advertisers want to reach them wherever they browse. — a site owned and operated by AtomicOnline, which falls under the Evolve Media umbrella — speaks to women through multiple modes of content, including original video programs such as “The Daily Dish” and “HomErgency.” Now viewers can tap into the site’s extensive library of original and sponsored video content via the SheKnows video channel, SK TV.

Tara Schmitt, senior vice president of sales for SheKnows, detailed the features of the new video channel for advertisers and SheKnows’ advantages over traditional women’s publications moving into the online space.

ADOTAS: Just what is it She Knows, anyway? Is there anything she doesn’t and probably should know? Who is this elusive She?

SCHMITT: SheKnows was started in 1999 by two enterprising women, Nancy J. Price and Betsy Bailey who wanted to reach others all around the world with intelligent information, helpful resources, community support… and a lot of fun along the way.

The better question is “What does She know?” Our answer is everything. SheKnows is everything that women want to know from lifestyle, beauty, health, parenting, relationships and entertainment. SheKnows offers up information on all these subjects.

Can you share SheKnows’ monthly audience stats? Video views?

SheKnows attracts more than 21 million unique visitors, according to comScore’s October 2010 stats (50 million according to Google Analytics in August 2010). Generating 18.7 million video views in September, SheKnows is currently ranked no. 2 for videos in comScore’s community-lifestyle category.

So what’s the aim with a separate channel? What’s the advantage for advertisers — both from a sponsored content and interstitial standpoint?

SheKnows TV lives in the navigation bar of The separate channel is the easiest way to navigate all these shows. They are always one click away from the home page. In addition to the channel, our original video series are also promoted in their relevant topics. “HomErgency” is also promoted in Home and Living.  “Daily Dish” is on every section home page of the site.

We created SK TV in order to provide our audience a one stop destination for our original series as well as our videos on demand. This platform allows consumers to view all of our series and videos in one space and offers marketers the opportunity to engage consumers who are spending an extended amount of time in one section viewing several videos.

The advantage of sponsoring video content is really about engagement and brand integration that an ad network display ad just can’t duplicate. You have an audience member watching anywhere from a two- to eight-minute video where they are engaged with the content which typically relates to the brand who is sponsoring the video. The branded re-skin and ad units are always present while the person is watching the video therefore that brand is engaged with the consumer through the duration of the video.

Lastly, video sponsorship is a way for consumer brands to partake in something that is fun and entertaining, bringing a fresh and relevant presence to the brand. In addition, the sponsor is buying the opportunity to speak to a highly coveted and loyal SheKnows audience. They trust the content they see and the advertisers associated with it.

Are you employing any targeting technology for advertisers?

Other than contextual targeting, we are also using behavioral targeting.

How has branded content grown as a revenue stream this year for SheKnows/AtomicOnline? How do you believe it will improve in 2011?

Branded content has been a huge part of our 2010 revenue and will only help us increase in 2011.

Do you think your reach to women is complete? What areas are you trying to bolster?

We are a mile wide and half a mile deep in every aspect of women’s lives. Next year, our goal is to grow out these areas to include better and bigger tools in the great categories we have. For example, we are adding things like city guides with mobile apps.

Do you think your programming is aimed at a certain group of women? What subset of this demographic are brands trying to reach?

Our average browser is aged 33 with household income of $70,000 — 53% are moms.  They are the CEOs of their households, but also the CFOs. They are true brand ambassadors. They love to share what they like and products they buy. They come to SheKnows seeking daily life information on parenting, recipes, beauty and style as well as a fun escape through games and our entertainment channel.

Brands come to SheKnows because we reach a wide range of women and they can tap into the various topics in order to align their brand with content and/or videos that relate to their brand.

Who would you consider SheKnow’s chief competition? What advantages or disadvantages do you have facing traditional publications (such as Cosmopolitan) moving online?

If you look at Comscore and Google Analytics we rank near sites such as Glam, iVillage, and CaféMom.

In terms of advantages over traditional publications our content is updated daily and sometimes hourly. With traditional publications the website content often aligns with the print content which could have been written three to four months before the issue came out, therefore it might not be as relevant.

The true advantage that SheKnows has over the majority of our competitors is our ability to create innovative, custom ad campaigns. SheKnows really goes beyond the banner to create full media campaigns that can contain custom overlays that our positioned amongst content relating to the brand, which might include a giveaway component as well as widgets.

With SheKnows TV, we are creating, producing and editing all of our original video series in the SheKnows Studio at our headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz. Very few female lifestyle sites are offering brands the extensive video campaigns we are creating.

Speaking of Cosmo, where’s SheKnows’ Kama Sutra section?

We have our Love section which offers articles about sex as well as relationships pertaining to being single and dating, marriage, wedding tips as well as info on divorce and break ups. Currently we have celebrity guest blogger Kate Walsh (“Private Practice,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) celebrating Boyfriend Appreciation Month and sharing her relationship experience and tips for our readers.

What additional types of brand sponsors would you like to get involved with SheKnowsTV?

The great part about our custom SK TV model is that it can work for any type of advertiser. Automotive is our next big push.

Has SheKnows considered moving into scripted content? What about longer form?

We are pursuing scripted content at this time, but I think that’s a long-term goal. We need to build what we have first.


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