Android and iOS Neck and Neck in Mobile Impression Share


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – It’s becoming quite an exciting horse race between the Android and iOS mobile operating systems on many fronts, but it’s really heated up in mobile ad impressions served as Millennial Mobile notes the two are now running neck and neck on its network.

Android and iOS devices both took 37% of U.S. smartphone ad requests from Millennial’s ad network in October. Android’s requests grew 65% month over month (2,182% year to date) while iOS jumped by only 12% (32% ytd). The biggest grower for iOS devices was the iPad, which shot up 112% over the previous month.

Millennial, which claims a reach of 81% of the U.S. mobile web users, also noted that ad requests from RIM devices had a 20% share of impressions. Smartphone impressions in general increased by 3% in October, compared to a 1% gain for feature phone ad requests.

On the device front, while Apple devices claimed a quarter of all Millennial’s ad requests, Samsung appeared in second with 17% followed by Motorola with around 15%.


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