Adometry Branches Into Pub Tag Management


tagADOTAS – Tags! Is there anything in the display industry more exciting besides… Well, everything?

But while tag talk tends to induce yawning, its serious business. During its early trials with new tag management system TagScan, Adometry — which provides ad verification and campaign effectiveness services to players across the display ecosystem — discovered individual ad tags with tracking tools from 10 different vendors that created more than 20 cookies and slowed site load times by three seconds or more. Yikes.

TagScan, which is being released in limited private beta but will be in full production by the end of the year, offers publishers “unprecedented” visibility and control over third-party ad and web page tags, as well as the ability to develop and execute tag policies regarding data collectors, creative performance and privacy.

As Adometry has identified and categorized hundreds of companies involved with ad serving, tracking and targeting, TagScan proves an ad verifier can offer an effective tag management solution.

“Publishers have a right to monitor and control what vendors are running on their sites,” said Adometry CTO and cofounder John Dietz, “We feel that this offering very much compliments our advertiser-focused transparency and verification tools, and that the entire industry is better served by a more open and honest relationship between buyers and sellers.”


  1. Great to see another new entrant into the Tag Management space, an area TagMan have been pioneering since 2007. It’s a big responsibility to remain agnostic and focus on solely managing tags, which are the lifeblood of data, campaigns, reporting and ultimately – success metrics for all involved.

    We recently did some research that confirms the need for Tag Management Systems with over 95% of respondents reporting issues trying to hardcode tags into pages. The summary is at

  2. Let me clarify, Adometry’s TagScan is not a tag wrapper like TagMan and BrightTag, we provide a service to publishers to test their ad tags to identify unauthorized calls, creative changes, latency, ad specification violations, etc.

    When publishers get third party ad tags, the publishers need to know what those tags are doing, collecting data, tagging users, etc, and TagScan gives them that visibility, without the need to wrap all those tags in another service.

    You can see here for a partial description of the kind of data we provide:

  3. Agree, a little misleading this article; though Tag Wrapper is probably also a little misleading. EG – I thought BriteTag, Demdex, TagMan & Aggregate Knowledge all offer asynchronous activity at the server level but also containerization if needed?


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