AdMeld Powers Weather Channel’s Private Ad Exchange


privateADOTAS – So is being a private ad exchange anything like being a private dancer? Will The Weather Channel have to give AdMeld a nickel every time it does the ad lambada, the forbidden ad-serving dance?

In what’s being sold as the first cross-platform private ad exchange, The Weather Channel’s Category 5 developed by AdMeld promises to connect advertisers with 50 million consumers while leaving the inventory segmentation and pricing to to TWC.

TWC will identify, package and market its audience segments with the help of AdMeld’s inventory revenue optimization technology. Of course, real-time bidding will be enabled through APIs and a web-based interface. Omnicom and Vivaki are two standout names among the advertising and media holding companies integrated into the private exchange.

“This amounts to a visionary ad sales strategy for The Weather Channel,” said Matt Spiegel, CEO of Omnicom Media Group Digital. “Not every brand has the scale and brand equity to warrant opening a private exchange, but TWC is in an elite class. Agencies and advertisers have long wanted a more efficient means of executing cross-platform buys with publishers of this caliber, and Category 5 makes it a reality.”

AdMeld seems to have a private exchange solution ready to go for more premium publishers, and believes such solutions will revolutionize the way premium publishers and advertisers work together. Do you agree? Will we see more private exchanges like Category 5 in the coming year?


  1. Great, Great, Great to see premium publishers empowered to harness their full value and enable efficient buying at significant scale.

    Can’t wait to see the case study and results, Thanksgiving 2011.


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