YuMe Takes Video Campaigns From One End to the Other


video_smallADOTAS – The days of piecemeal video campaigns through multiple companies are numbered, as YuMe just introduced ACE for Advertisers, which chauffeurs a video campaign from start to finish.

Built on top of YuMe’s ACE video platform, which serves more than 1 billion impressions monthly, the end-to-end solution hits all the highlights of a video campaign’s lifetime: media planning and buying, ad trafficking, creative management, ad serving and optimization as well as post-campaign analytics. Through the service YuMe can deliver ads online or to mobile and IPTV devices.

YuMe EVP Michael Hudes gave us the lowdown on the new solution while commenting on fraud in the video sector and how the ecosystem has evolved.

ADOTAS: 2010 already seems to be a big year for video, as ad revenue has jumped 31% over last year. What has happened to excite advertisers about video? How has the the video ecosystem changed?

Hudes: I think advertisers have gotten increasingly excited about video advertising because online video as a whole is experiencing unprecedented growth. According to the September comScore Video Metrix report:

  • Americans watched 35.5 billion online videos in September 2010
  • 178.6 million users watched a video online
  • 14.3 hours of online video watched by the average online video viewer
  • 4.3 minutes is the average duration of an online video

In other words, more and more people are watching video online. Moreover, studies by Nielsen have shown that online video performed better than TV across every brand metric and for every vertical, and that campaigns combining online video and TV ads improved recall and likability for all verticals. The data shows that advertisers need to leverage online video in order to effectively reach their audience, and I think that message has become increasingly clear over the past year.

Chief Revenue Officer Scot McLernon told me a few months back that first and foremost YuMe is a technology company — with this new end-to-end offering is that still the case? Has YuMe’s place in the video ad ecosystem changed?

The launch of ACE for Advertisers further cements YuMe’s position as the premier video advertising technology company in the industry. ACE for Advertisers is built on our proven ACE technology platform, which serves more than 1.6 billion impressions per month.

ACE for Advertisers provides an enterprise-class solution and experienced professional services that mitigate the complexity of video ad campaign management. With this solution, advertisers can buy not only on YuMe Network but also on their direct publishers, other ad networks, and exchanges. ACE for Advertisers complements our already proven and robust ACE for Publishers solution.

Is there some reason I might prefer a video piecemeal program to an end-to-end solution?

We believe we have a best-in-class end-to-end solution. However, we have always recognized the importance of working in a larger media ecosystem and have designed ACE for Advertisers as an open, plug-and-play solution. ACE for Advertisers customers will be able to select a piecemeal program of their choosing without compromising their ability to use rest of ACE’s functionality.

How does YuMe provide optimization for video ads?

YuMe provides optimization in a variety of ways. For example, having a large pool of premium inventory allows YuMe to better match publishers and audience with the marketing objectives. For advertisers who want to bid on inventory, YuMe provides a dynamic bidding capability. Optimization is both a science and an art, and experience counts. YuMe has a pool of trained optimization specialists who help optimize campaigns on behalf of our customers.

Jayant Kadambi, co-founder and president of YuMe, says this end-to-end solution allows advertisers to “run their own private network” — could you explain what that means?

ACE for Advertisers is an ad management and ad serving solution that gives advertisers, agencies, and trading desks the means to manage the entire scope of their video advertising campaigns. Advertisers can represent, build, and manage direct relationships with key publishers through the platform. They can also plug into ad networks and exchanges for additional inventory needs, and use ACE for Advertisers to manage their video campaigns across this entire spectrum of publishers’ inventories. In essence, they can build a private ad network upon the ACE for Advertisers technology platform.

What do you mean when you say the end-to-end solution is a layered offering?

ACE for Advertisers is a layered offering in that advertisers and agencies can pick and choose the various components that they want to use. As mentioned above, it is an open, plug-and-play solution.

With video advertising’s increased profile comes increased shouts of “fraud!” How does YuMe assure clients that it’s miles away from any potential bad behavior?

YuMe takes fraud and security issues very seriously. That is why, earlier this year, we announced a brand security initiative. Our powerful brand security capabilities leverage YuMe’s proprietary domain detection technology, which can collect detailed information about the in-page environment of a syndicated or embeddable player when it makes an ad request, even when the player is not associated with a companion banner.

This industry-first capability — made possible by broad publisher adoption of YuMe’s ACE technology — allows YuMe to prevent ads from running in video players that have been embedded on inappropriate websites, and to work with publishers to constantly monitor and improve the list of sites where their syndicated and user-embeddable players are appearing. You can read more about YuMe’s brand safeguards here.

streamlining processes for media planning and buying, ad trafficking and creative management, ad serving and optimization, and post-campaign analytics


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