Yahoo Makes American Express More OPEN for Small Business


yahoo_smallADOTAS – Wha? Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz hasn’t been fired? But the portal’s third-quarter earnings came out last week and it was the same old story: revenue was up 2%, but display isn’t snapping back as fast as the rest of the industry and Google and Facebook are pounding at the gates. The term “lack of vision” made the rounds in analyst roundups, but the company stock actually went up 2% the day after the earnings call.

Why? Because Yahoo is still doing what it does best — working with advertisers in partnership to create highly functional campaigns. They’ve done it again with the new Business Solutions website within Yahoo Small Business sponsored by American Express OPEN, the financial giants’ small-business wing.

The microsite offers small business owners access to OPEN products such as paid search tool SearchManager (powered by Clickable) and online payment and invoicing solution AcceptPay. Visitors will access the online community OPEN Forum and access exclusive video and text content. Business Solutions will be integrated into several sites in Yahoo’s network, including News and Finance.

“This partnership is a perfect example of how Yahoo! can create custom programs with our advertising partners,” said Mitch Spolan, vice president of North American field sales at Yahoo. “Our goals were to work with American Express OPEN to create an online experience that would engage the small business audience, enhance the American Express OPEN brand, and reach a massive audience — and this project accomplished all three goals.”


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