Smoking Gun in Oracle’s Patent Suit Against Google?


gavel_small.jpgADOTAS – Oracle smacked Google with a lawsuit back in August, claiming the company’s Android mobile operating system infringes on seven Java patents that came into Oracle’s possession when it acquired Sun Microsystems last year. Earlier in October, Google defended itself by asking the court to dismiss the case and deem Oracle’s patents invalid.

However, Oracle is on the attack again, amending its complaint to add exhibits that demonstrate Google took chunks of American Oracle code line for line.

Here’s one such example:

Google has yet to comment on the new development. CEO Eric Schmidt led Sun’s Java development efforts and served as chief technology officer before bouncing to Big G in 2001. Perhaps he grabbed too many office supplies on his way out the door?

It’s gets a little more complicated because, like a lot of software out there, the Android stack uses Java apps that run on a Java-based framework. While Sun, a proponent of open-source programming, did issue licensing deals for Java, the company also offered free open-source licensed versions.

Matthew Lynley at VentureBeat says it’s likely another case of patent trolling, which seems to be all the rage this season (did you know online affiliate marketing is patented?). Still, a commenter on ZDNet named “Loverock Davidson” cracks: “Why do you think they have so many toys in the office? To keep the employees occupied until some other company comes out with something innovative, then Google copies it.” ZING!


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