PubMatic Further Details Awesomeness of RTB


line_graph_smallADOTAS – The always-getting-hotter RTB has reached the level of “white flame.” Doubt it? Why don’t you talk to real-time bidding platform AppNexus, which just scored $50 million in funding from Microsoft and other venture companies.

Today at PubMatic’s Premium Publisher conference, the revenue optimizer and publisher platform is releasing its Ad Revenue 2010 Report, which boasts impressive RTB stats collected in cooperation with four DSPS — DataXu (which recently launched its next-generation platform), MediaMath (which updated its TerminalOne platform over the summer), Turn (whose Product Manager Faria Hassan just wrote an ADOTAS byline about applying search optimization strategies to display campaigns and [X+1] (which recently teamed up with Tumri for Retailer Retargeting).

Analyzing a 30-day period during August and September, PubMatic and friends found that real-time bidding campaigns on average delivered 64% more revenue for publishers than non-RTB campaigns across all verticals.

That’s not bad, but the real victors are the advertisers: traditional run-of-network, non-RTB campaigns were outperformed by RTB campaigns by 749%.

Audience-targeted campaigns forgoing RTB exceeded run-of-network, non-RTB campaigns by an average of 324%, but RTB campaigns still on average provided twice as much ROI based on success as defined by each advertiser.

PubMatic has obviously been hard at work — just a few weeks ago it launched its Data Firewall to keep uninvited guests from snatching premium publisher data.


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