ProStores Enlists Clickable to Help Merchants With Paid Search


searchADOTAS – eBay’s ProStores has proven to be an efficient way for small and midsize retailers to set up online show. Just in time for the holiday season, the company has teamed up with Clickable to assist clients in getting their wares noticed across search engines and Facebook.

The paid search solution is being offered with a 15-day trial and $200 in credit. A retailer can easily set up a new advertising or expand an existing to one through Clickable’s reach, including mobile advertising through Google AdWords. A dedicated specialist oversees every merchant account and assists in conversion tracking setup, account benchmarking, goal-setting, keyword review, custom reporting, recommendations and more. Clickable also offers analytics for tracking performance along the conversion funnel, from keywords to final sale.

Clickable also powers the SEM tool for American Express OPEN, a division of the financial services company that enables Internet services for small businesses.


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