Online Gets a Grip on GRPs


calculatorADOTAS – Traditional advertisers are old, they can’t keep up with all these doodads the kids are playing with like Friendface or The Google. But they gotta reach those young demographics (I think the youths are calling them demos?) so give them something they can relate to: gross rating points

Gross rating what? Because I had no knowledge of the traditional advertising before joining Adotas, I was dumbfounded when someone drop that acronym on me about a year ago. Um, is that like a click? Like a bunch of clicks? No, no, I was quickly informed, its a metric based on the percentage of a target audience reached multiplied by the viewing frequency. It’s also what TV advertisers know best.

So I’m a little surprised that Nielsen only introduced a GRP-like measurement to the online space last week with Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings. The new system merges traditional Nielsen TV and online panel data with aggregated and anonymous demographic info from partnering online data contributors to deliver better accuracy and accelerated reporting (only a few days after a campaign begins) across a wider spectrum of the web.

Thus advertisers will be able to holistically assess their advertising efforts across reach of TV, online and mobile. While currently focusing on the U.S. market, Nielsen plans to expand the service globally and will seek accreditation by the Media Ratings Council.

However, ad network operator Goodway Group notes that Nielsen’s measurement system was only introduced and is not fully operational, while Goodway’s Death Star is ready for action right now. In fact it’s currently recorded 166 GRPs at a 63.88% reach and a corresponding 2.59X frequency for a client in Salt Lake City.

In partnership with ad verifier Adometry, Goodway is also building a system to blend in audience verification with GRPs called targeted rating points (TRPs). Goodway will be able to provide TRP counts within age and demographic segments that can be compared against conversion data.


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