Mobile Browsing Preferable to Apps


mobiletv.jpgLast month, Glow Interactive CEO Peter Levin elicited industry gasps by suggesting that the logical next step in mobile advertising was to build HTML5 advertisements to run “in-browser,” not within apps. Why? Because with HTML5 being deployed across the web, mobile users will find browsing a better option than app-ing along.

But they can’t browse here — this is app country! I mean, the Apple App Store alone has more that 300,000 third-party apps and has witnessed more than 7 billion downloads.

Still, more than a few people believe it’s only a matter of time before the apps revolution ends and mobile users reclaim the browser in force — and some new findings from Keynote Systems for Adobe bolsters that view.

eMarketer reports that mobile users prefer using a browser to an app for researching product review, blogs, sports-related activities, news, video and local events. The only categories where apps were preferred were games, social and music — for the latter two, the it was a pretty close fight.


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