Microsoft-Adobe Merger or Mobile Alliance?


skipping_smallADOTAS – Although Microsoft’s Silverlight is a rival to Adobe Flash, the CEOs of the two company had a very hush-hush meeting the other day, setting the rumor mill aflame with talk of a merger.

Investors liked the idea, so Adobe shares skyrocketing 12% yesterday, but my immediate impulse was to gag. Of course, I love Adobe Creative Suite and loathe Microsoft Windows (though Office is OK in my book). Can you guys imagine what terrible things Microsoft would do to my beloved Photoshop? For heaven’s sake, leave InDesign alone!

However, sources from the two companies were quick to downplay the get-together: Settle down, settle down, Internet! It was just a routine meeting. The big dogs on Wall Street also expressed their doubts on a merger as Adobe shares dipped more than 5% on Friday.

Really it seems Microsoft and Adobe are scheming to battle the beast known as Apple on the mobile front. Apple has banned Adobe Flash from its mobile platforms, though the company recently eased its developer licensing agreement to allow the use of third-party development tools that translate code from programs such as Adobe Flash. According to IDC, Microsoft’s share of the mobile ad market will wither this year from 10% to 7%, as Apple enters with a 21% slice of the pie.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, they say. What kind of weapons could a Microsoft-Adobe partnership unleash on the mobile ad front? Would they stand a chance against Apple’s mobile juggernaut?


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