Kantar Video Waxes Comprehensive With Videolytics


video_smallADOTAS – Claiming it’s the most comprehensive evaluation tool for online and mobile video campaigns, WPP’s Kantar Video is celebrating the public beta launch of its Videolytics platform by offering a free 30-day trial for qualified accounts.

The analytics platform offers real-timemeasurement, identification, syndication, tracking and optimization services for online and mobile video campaigns, including fingerprinting technology that tracks all appearances of an online video no matter how it’s distributed. Also included are in-video custom and syndicated survey capabilities, as well as links to parent division Kantar’s online access panels to allow for thorough audience profiling.

In addition, Videolytics provides detailed analytics based on demographic, psychographic, and attitudinal data, as well as social media aggregation and metrics. Kantar Video has also partnered with Cymfony and Compete to create the easily integrated Echo Video, which uses Videolytics along with behavioral and sentiment tracking to analyze the effects of viral videos.

“This on-demand platform enables efficient and accurate analysis to facilitate better, faster decision-making by marketers and their agencies, content creators and distributors, and media companies leveraging Kantar’s unique resources and capabilities,” said Kantar Video CEO Bill Lederer.


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