In-Ad Like Button? Mountain Dew’s Been There, Done That


thumbs_small.jpgADOTAS – It pains me to think how many 20-ounce units of Mountain Dew my kidneys were forced to endure when I was 15, an awkward age where I yearned for caffeine but wasn’t ready for coffee. But a lot of people still “Do the Dew” — and now they can share that fact with their friends through a banner ad.

Working with digital agencies OMD and Tribal DDB as well as multichannel ad platform MediaMind, Mountain Dew is the first brand to extend the Facebook Like button to a display ad. When users like the ad, which will not appear on Facebook, an announcement will appear in their Facebook news feed (granted they’re logged in) and they check out who else in online social circle has been there, done that — or rather, hit Like as well. For those concerned about privacy,

it’s been confirmed that all the Facebook data will remain in the network’s possession. Of course, you might not believe that considering Facebook’s latest privacy hiccough. According to sources touched by AdWeek, Facebook is not charging a fee for the initial Like button ad endeavors — JC Penney is considering making a go of it — but the network plans to offer it as an ad socialization product in the future.

The revenue for Facebook would definitely be worthwhile: DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research released a study of 1,600 consumers age 18 to 60 that found 75% liked a brand on Facebook because of an ad or other direct approach. I imagine such an ad socialization solution would sell like Mountain Dew to sleepy teenagers…


  1. Interesting as this expressly violates the Facebook Terms and Conditions for use of the like button which prohibits use of the Like button or image in ad ad unit. Any ideas on how they get around this?


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