Hunt Is On With ‘Predators’ Banner Game


gamer11.jpgADOTAS – We’ve come a long way from “punch the monkey” — MediaMind, which just helped Mountain Dew put a Facebook Like button in a display ad, and ThinkJam constructed a first-person shooter game within a display ad for the DVD release of the 20th Century Fox movie “Predators.” As a kid who flunked computer science class because he played Quake the whole time, I was immediately intrigued.

Players choose between a shotgun, a rotary gun, a samurai sword and a sniper rifle, which I believe were the weapons characters in the film used (gotta admit, I didn’t see the movie because got a little burned out on Predators with the atrocity known as “AVP”). Simply clicking on the mouse attacks the hyperactive “berzerker” predator, which runs across your browser window, slipping in and out of cloak mode. As the governator would say, he’s one ugly mofo.

The game is pretty hard, but it’s definitely addictive. As my MediaMind contact philosophized: “It does feel like a real video game… if it was too easy, you would only play it once.”

I died pretty quickly with the shotgun, but I sliced that quick bastard up with the samurai sword, spilling his blue blood across my browser window. A link in the “Game Over” window takes you to the “Predators: The Hunt” site, a larger game that allows you to hunt aliens with your Facebook friends.

It could be the most fun I’ve had with an ad since Pringles’ “Can Hands” (which won an award from MediaMind, then known as EyeBlaster). And dammit… Now I kinda wanna see the movie… Get to da choppa!


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