Holiday Advertising: Early Bird Gets the Interaction


holidayADOTAS – I froze when I saw it — it was the 22nd of October, but a neighbor of mine was inflating a giant snow globe filled with elves and snowmen on his back porch. I glanced around for a sharp object to hurl at the tacky atrocity before remembering I was still on probation for beheading reindeer dolls the year before… I’d have to find a more discreet way to remove this holiday eyesore.

Speaking of missed holiday opportunities, digital marketer PointRoll examined three years of interaction data during the fourth quarter and found that early November is a prime time to start engaging consumers with holiday-related retail advertisements.

Average ad interaction rates (defined as anything from clicking to watching a video) ranged from 4% to 6% in the fourth quarter, with early December recording the nadir before edging up to 5% at the end of the month. However, November boasted a 6% average interaction rate. The average time users spent with an ad peaked at 18 seconds during the first two weeks of November, while click-through rates also hit a high-mark for the quarter at 0.5%

“Because fewer advertisers are in market with their ads early in the holiday season, marketers who begin their media efforts earlier stand to increase revenues disproportionately to their competitors during the fourth quarter,” said Max Mead, PointRoll vice president of business development and analytics. ”Savvy retail marketers looking for an edge during the holiday season should begin their online campaigns early to capitalize on user interest and to distance themselves from their peers.”

On a side note, the earlier you bring out your oversized and hideous exterior holiday, the more time there is to deface them. I’m not saying that I personally would harm them… no matter what the police reports say I’ve done in the past.



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