Industry Self-Regulation Will Likely Be FTC’s Behavioral Targeting Recommendation


ftc_smallADOTAS – It may be too early to crack the champagne, but anybody in the behavioral targeting business can a let out a big sigh of relief. In a speech at a conference held by law firm Proskauer, Federal Trade Commission member Julie Brill said the agency’s soon-to-be-issued report on behavioral targeting will not recommend legislation or added regulation in favor of industry self-regulation.

According to MediaPost, the FTC will emphasize consistent notices regarding online tracking and data collection, with Brill suggesting a format along the lines of Schumer boxes on credit card mailings and and nutritional labels.

In addition, Brill buoyed the idea of a universal do-not-track tool for browsers that would be evaluated by the agency in terms of consumer comprehension and uncomplicated activation, as well as widespread industry adoption.


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