Morning Facebook Brand Posts More Likely to Engage


facebook_small.jpgADOTAS – When I get up, I usually head for the coffeemaker — engaging with my favorite Facebook brand page isn’t on my mind until… Oh, it’s probably not on my mind at all — in the afternoon I’m also thinking about coffee (though the evening is reserved for alcohol — my schedule is beverage-adjusted).

However, a new study by social media analytics company Vitrue suggests that brands posting in the morning are nearly 40% more effective in engaging users than those published in the afternoon.

A two-month study between August and October of 1,500 selected brand streams, representing more than 1.6 million posts and 7.5 million comments, discovered that 3 p.m. EST tends to be the biggest weekday spike for brand-user interaction, with Wednesday (hump day!) being the peak of conversational peak. Other spikes on weekdays occur at 11:00 am EST and 8:00 pm EST (or 5:00 pm PST — perhaps West Coasters giving one last Facebook login).

There was also an interesting spike on Friday at 7:00 p.m EST (4:00 p.m. PST). Perhaps when happy hour ends, East Coasters go looking at brand pages? I mean, those are where I like to leave my drunken observations (“If ‘ur eatin corn flakes w/ milk and spoon, ur a LOOOOOOSER! Dry-handin’ is the kool way!”). Or perhaps West Coast-types are trying to kill those few hours before the weekend…

You can download the free whitepaper, titled: “Managing Your Facebook Community: Findings on Conversation Volume by Day Hour and Minute,” at Vitrue’s website.



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