BlueKai and Efficient Frontier Bust Through Search Walls


target_small.jpgADOTAS – In an interesting and timely analysis of the Internet privacy landscape, Hunch cofounder and investor Chris Dixon gives a shoutout to both Magnetic and BlueKai for their innovations bringing search intent to display advertising.

BlueKai is continuing to break through search walls into the world of display via a new partnership with Efficient Frontier. In a new beta program, EF client keyword lists will be matched with BlueKai’s intent data segments, which are gathered from vertical searches and queries showing intent.

EF will be able to use the matched data for display targeting qualified audiences and search marketers purchasing BlueKai Intent by keywords will be able to identify in-market audiences and reach them outside of search engines.

“It’s indisputable that intent data drives performance and keyword search is a clear indicator of someone’s intent to purchase,” said BlueKai CEO Omar Tawakol. “That’s why we’re taking that additional step by making it easy for a marketer to use their well-crafted keyword lists in their display buys. This really starts to break down the wall between search and display….”


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