Gets Scan-Happy With QR Codes


qrADOTAS – I initially freaked out last month when Scanbuy reported that there are more scanners out there than ever and the movement is growing. Don’t you people realize that they want to rule the world with their incredible psychic powers? They can make a dudes’ heads explode! I seen it on teevee!

Then I realized they were talking about mobile barcode scanning, and I relaxed a bit (but not too much — the other scanners know what I’m thinking). QR codes particular make for neat little marketing tools — and now has made them easier to make.

The link shortening pros have enabled users to add “.qr” to the end of a shortened link when inserting the copied code in a new browser tab or window — click return and up pops a QR code (along with a little fish) that can be printed out, copied into emails, posted on Facebook, etc. Here’s one I made for my band’s website:

It’s a cool area to expand to, especially since Twitter will shortly be unveiling a safer and more convenient internal link shortener. In fact, is a little late to the QR party as Google included this feature in the link shortener it launched a few weeks ago.


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