BBE Will Be Specific’s Video Mule


skipping_smallADOTAS – You can’t let something like a federal privacy lawsuit stop you from acquiring the right components to build a multichannel advertising solution. Specific Media was lacking an online video component and now it has one in the form of BBE, which, in addition to maintaining a video ad platform, produces hit Internet shows like “Jen and Barb: Mom Life.”

BBE’s claims that its ad-serving and tracking platform — VINDICO, which has logged more than 23 billion impressions to date — is the only in the space exclusively dedicated to video. The company works with 300 brand advertisers across 2,400 sites, and its media operations will be integrated into Specific.

“Video is an exciting market, but advertisers have been unable to capitalize on its potential because it currently lacks data, targeting and analytics,” said Tim Vanderhook, co-founder and CEO of Specific Media. “We’re bringing our expertise to this area to fulfill the promise of video.”


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