Android Popularity Keeps Rising, Nielsen Says


ANDROIDADOTAS – Sixty percent of Titanium app developers surveyed by Appcelerator and IDC last month think Android has a better long-term outlook than iOS. Nielsen’s latest smartphone data only bolsters that belief, as new smartphone buyers in the U.S. are flocking to Google’s mobile OS.

According to the company’s latest findings, which included a month of iPhone4 availability, 32% of people who bought a smartphone device went Android, compared to 26% that chose the iPhone and 25% who got a BlackBerry. However, Android still makes up only 19% of smartphones; boasting 28% of all smartphones, the iPhone is quickly gaining share on BlackBerry (a declining 31%).

In its Mobile Mix report released last week, Millennial Media noted that Android impression share increased across its mobile ad network by 7% month over month, growth of 39%. With growth since the beginning of the year nearing 1,000%, ads served to Android devices now make up 26% of the Millennial network, compared to Apple’s leading 29% share.


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