ADSDAQ? Please, We Call It CONTEXTWEB Ad Exchange Now

Inplace #2

contextwebADOTAS – Simplicity is beautiful — cleaning out the clutter does wonderful things for branding, hence why CONTEXTWEB has dropped the ADSDAQ title from its ad exchange in favor of CONTEXTWEB Ad Exchange. In addition, the company introduced a spiffy new logo and souped-up website to lure both advertisers and publishers to its real-time platform, which can contextually target consumers across short- and long-tail sites in less than 20 milliseconds.

“Dropping the ADSDAQ sub-brand helps to minimize confusion in a very complicated market and enables CONTEXTWEB to speak in a unified voice,” explained CONTEXTWEB CEO Tim Murray. “Our superior contextual analysis platform is at the heart of everything we do for both publishers and advertisers…. When advertisers and publishers are looking for the ad exchange that delivers results, they should come straight to CONTEXTWEB, without being confused by multiple brands.”

CONTEXTWEB recently partnered with Mpire to offer ad verification across its exchange and introduced a real-time classification system for organizing websites across 450 content categories in accordance with the IAB’s Networks and Exchanges Quality Assurance Guidelines.