AdoTube Brings Creative Optimization to In-Stream Video Ads


stopwatch.jpgADOTAS – Real-time creative optimization is becoming a necessity in display campaigns, but AdoTube is upping the ante by bringing a similar tool to in-stream video advertising

When using AdoTube’s various creative templates, advertisers can use the AdoTube Platform and Creative Studio Wizard to quickly fine-tune messaging, interactivity and overall appearance during a campaign. Large creative changes can be turned around the same day by AdoTube’s in-house creative staff.

To determine optimal creative for different user categories, AdoTube will run multiple creatives for each campaign to allow for multivariate testing and retargeting. The company has found that even the simplest tweaks can improve ad effectiveness by 15% to 35%.

“The AdoTube Platform’s Creative Studio Wizard is a further commitment to help our advertisers put forth the best and most effective in-video advertisement,” said Steven Jones, AdoTube chief strategy and operations officer. “AdoTube understands how important creative can be for in-video advertisements and believes this will allow for true optimization in delivering the most effective messaging to an advertiser’s target audience.”


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