AdMob Finally Brings Interactive Vid Ads to Android


ANDROIDADOTAS – The catchup game continues: Google’s mobile ad network AdMob finally got around to bringing interactive video ads to Google’s Android operating system. How about that? I mean, it was only a year ago (November 2009) that AdMob ran its first interactive video ad on the iPhone; since then it’s run 120 video campaigns for the likes of Universal Pictures and Best Buy.

Then again, when the government makes you jump through a lot of hoops before rubber-stamping your major merger, innovation can take a back seat.

The new Android SDK for publishers opens the doorway for both video and interstitial ads, the latter of which can be served during the opening of an app or while the app is running. Google notes that such ads have done really great on iOS, but Apple’s new developer terms exclude ad networks run by larger operations no focused on mobile ad serving.


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