VideoEgg Forced Into Marrying Six Apart?


skipping_smallADOTAS – Their courtship began in June 2009, with blogging company and social media ad network Six Apart letting its users integrate ad network VideoEgg’s invitation-based ads into their TypePad blogs. We should have known then that the two were meant for each other — today they finally tied the knot, with VideoEgg buying Six Apart and rebranding as SAY Media.

But is it a forced marriage? In August SAI had sources that said investors were pushing the two into matrimony. The companies share two investors and board members: David Hornik of August Capital and Steven Bird of Focus Ventures.

Six Apart CEO Chris Alden denied the merger rumor vehemently at the time; it’s now reported he will step down in 60 days when the acquisition is completed while VideoEgg CEO Matt Sanchez will head up SAY Media. Most of Six Apart’s senior executive pool is making the leap over to SAY.

According to ClickZ, VideoEgg is rebranding to be viewed as a holistic social media marketer rather than simply a video ad network. The new company claims a global reach of 345 million uniques; comScore reported that Six Apart’s social media ad network alone reached 90 million uniques in April. In May, the blogging pioneer released TypePad conversations, which built social media campaigns off of advertiser questions answered by bloggers.

“SAY Media continues Six Apart’s mission to make passionate creators successful,” said Six Apart cofounder Mena Trott. “Whether on TypePad or another platform, developing a game or an application, the company will empower people to create great content and make money doing it.”

SAY also released an introductory video with executives discussing the changing world of marketing through social media.

SAY Media Explained from SAY Media on Vimeo.


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