Video Site TopTVBytes Accused of Fraud


fraud_small.jpgADOTAS – Video advertising is a fast-growing field, so of course it’s received the attention of internet fraudsters. Fraud hound Pace Lattin, also the founder and former publisher of ADOTAS, has laid out out a major case against TopTVBytes, a site that sells itself to advertisers as a user resource for Internet TV clips

Lattin was intrigued by reappearing pop-up for the video website and, after writing a lengthy piece on his site IndustryPace, says he was asked by several video networks to investigate the site’s traffic patterns. The resulting 10-page report, printed with lascivious details is now up on his website.

TopTVBytes claims its traffic comes from organic sources with minimal pop-ups — not the case, Lattin says, as the site has been serving videos as unrequested pop-ups on other networks. A representative from the site claimed video ad networks were aware of the pop-ups, while the ones Lattin spoke to denied allowing TopTVBytes to run them.

“Since many pops are cheap junk traffic this is a type of ‘video spam,'” Lattin notes. “The cost of popping up these ads can be anywhere from $1 to $2 CPM (or less) while some video companies pay in excess of $10 CPM.”

TopTVBytes’ Neil Weinberg, a partner at Involved Media LLC, refused to comment on Lattin’s finding findings, but did write “Pace, I think I tried to work with you in a direct and straight forward way. You reported in a very inaccurate, unfair manner. As such, we are done dealing with your ‘publication.’”


  1. The choices with Pace Lattin are:
    A) Pay me money as your expert and you will be positioned as a Good Guy in my articles or,

    2) Dont pay me as your expert and I will write you up as a bad player who defrauds advertisers.

    RedOrbit, a LARGE user of pops and perhaps other not-so-transparent ways of generating traffic just hired Pace. Now what, any pops with RedOrbit are the ad networks fault and not RedOrbit’s? Puleeze!


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